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Review of OPPO BDP-103 VS OPPO BDP-93

Review of OPPO BDP-103 VS OPPO BDP-93

OPPO is one of the popular brands for different electronic items and this company has a wonderful reputation for making quality electronic products. The price range of this brand of electronic devices is a bit higher than the electronic devices of some other brands. But the high price of the products of this company is minimized by the quality and the service of the products. The electronic devices made with OPPO is designed by the top quality engineers and for the manufacturing of the products, this company always uses the quality electronic devices. This is the key reason for their huge success and popularity in the market. Nowadays, two models of 3D Blu-ray players of this company is very popular. One of these two is the OPPO BDP-103 and the other one is OPPO BDP-93. These two 3D Blu-ray players are very much popular in the market as both of these players are designed with a number of exclusive features. The features of these two players will be described in the upcoming parts of this review. The main purpose to focus on the feature is to inform the viewers about it and guide them to the right track if anyone is planning for buying one of the 3D Blu-ray players.

General information about these 3D Blu-ray players

Both of the OPPO BDP-103 and OPPO BDP-93 are quality 3D Blu-ray players and the features are almost similar to each other. But there are some basic differences in their structure and design. The outer color of both of the players is black. The weight of the OPPO BDP-103 and OPPO BDP-93 is 10.8 pounds and 11.2 pounds respectively. Not only that, the first one mentioned in this part is slightly smaller in size or dimension. But for both models of the OPPO 3D Blu-ray players, the manufacturer company offers a warranty period of 1 year. Though the warranty period is only a year, but these players can provide a quality service for many years without any kind of trouble and this is the reputation of the electronic products of this company.

Features and product description of OPPO BDP-103

There are a number of features of this OPPO BDP-103 and the main features of this 3D Blu-ray player will be mentioned. One of the important features of this player is the serious media support features which allow its user to convert any two 2D videos to 3D and 3D to 2D in a perfect way. The audience will definitely be pleased with the video quality of this player after the conversion. Another important feature of this player is a live streaming feature and using that a user can watch any live streaming video through it. Not only that, any person can tune with the radio stations. This player is being featured with the quality video processor and for this reason the quality of the video is just awesome. While any person is enjoying any movies through this player, he/she will definitely not hear any type of noisy sounds. The high resolution video quality is present in this player for the presence of 4K up scaling which offers videos four times better than the HD quality. Still the person, who is not pleased with the quality of the player, can use some external video processor for processing videos. In this player there is a dual HDMI output system. And the connectivity of this product is just awesome. It can be connected to the devices by USB or Bluetooth connections. So any data can be transferred to other devices quite easily.

Features and product description of OPPO BDP-93

The feature of the OPPO BDP-93 is almost similar to the OPPO BDP-103. This product is also having the same features like serious media support, live streaming features, direct source mode feature, crystal clear videos and up conversion and connectivity features. There some features which are not present in the OPPO BDP-103. Among those features, High fidelity Audio feature which ensures the top quality of any audio sounds or the audios of videos. This feature replaces can partially replace the necessity of the home theater system. Besides, the 7.1 channel output system mixes the sounds in a proper ration and using a stereo speaker a listener can hear those sounds. And the addition of this feature in this player removes the necessity of the A/V receivers.

Comparison of the features of OPPO BDP-103 and OPPO BDP-93

Though both the OPPO BDP-103 and OPPO BDP-93 are having some similar features but in comparison some of the difference of those features is observable. Both of these players are having same serious media support and that feature is needed to convert the videos either from 2D to 3D or from 3D to 2D. The conversion of feature of the OPPO BDP-103 is better than the OPPO BDP-93. But the OPPO BDP-93 is more preferable than the OPPO BDP-103 in the case of playing a number of CDs or DVDs at the loading time is just a fraction of a second. Again the sound quality of the OPPO BDP-93 is better than the other while, the quality of the video is a bit better than the OPPO BDP-103. These are some main criteria for the comparison of these two models and the other features are almost similar.

Summary of the review of OPPO BDP-103 VS OPPO BDP-93

In the last part of the review, it can be said that buying any of these two models might be a very good decision. Because both of these players can provide a top class service for many years. Now the decision of buying the player is up to the viewers. Because not all the people want to have similar features in their players. As there are some differences in liking the features, so the people should choose that model which contains the maximum number of features. Because it is not possible to get all the features in one player.

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OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player (SACD / DVD-Audio / 3D Blu-ray) (Electronics)

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