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Lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600 review

Lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600 review

If the customers want to enjoy all the smart TV features at home then lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600 will surely be a very close competition. However, both these television sets are equipped with all the modern features which will make the experience of watching television completely different.


With a large screen and crystal clear 3D viewing this television set has all the features which customers expect in a smart TV. Actually most of the features are quite common in these two television sets and that has made the comparison quite tougher for the customer. With the ultra thin bezel, this high definition TV will surely be appropriate for the drawing room.


When the customers compare lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600, one thing must be considered that which one has more unique features. Now in case of these two televisions most of the features are common. In both these television sets the customers can find direct network setting by the help of which the customers can do web browsing without the presence of Wifi. Dual core processor will help the customers to experience better and smooth browsing experience in the television. The passive 3D Glasses of LG helps the customers to enjoy clearer and glossy 3D picture in the television. By the help of 2D to 3D converter, the depth of 3D pictures can be enjoyed for a 2D video also.

Features of LG60LA8400:

However, with LG60LA8400 the customers will get two more in credible features. One of them is the mounted camera and the other is Skype calling facility with LG 60 LA 8600 the customers can enjoy borderless screen what the customers cannot enjoy LG60LA7400. Overall, the fight is neck to neck because both are just fabulous with their incredible and unique features.

Positive Points:

When the customers consider the best features of these two televisions, the wonderful picture quality of LG television must be mentioned. The customers can transfer the contents of other devices quite easily with the help of inbuilt wireless connections. The customers can download multiple apps quite easily. Therefore, the customers can use tablets or compatible smart phones as the remote. For the video game lovers both these television sets can provide amazing experience. The customers can play two player gaming quite easily even without the presence of split screen. The remote control is very well motion sensing and at the same time there is a built-in microphone with the remote. So, the voice control can be done which will help the customers to find out all the favorite channels and features quite easily. As the televisions are fully High definition in both 2D and 3D, incredible sharp picture quality can be experienced all the time.


Most of the 3D smart televisions launched by LG have very less backdrops to speak about. Sometimes faintly drop volume can be experience for some seconds and though both these television sets have pass through options, the mode can actually not be done the pass through. There is no other significant downside which can be mentioned when the customers are comparing lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600.

Market Feedback:

Most of the reviews of the customers are positive for this television sets. The picture quality, internet connectivity, presence of incredible apps, experience of watching video, playing two player video games and all the other features have been praised a lot by most of the customers. The Camera with Skype is the only big difference between the two television sets. So if the customers are not a lover of Camera and borderless screen the customers can choose LA 7400 because it is $500 cheaper. However, in case the customers need Skype calling and in built camera LA8600 will be the best option.

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Lg electronics 60la7400 60-inch vs 60la8600 review
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